Mile 22

Prone Navy Sticker



If the Army puts ‘boots on the ground’ then #ProneNavy puts Hands In The Water. If you’ve enlisted, then you know that a life at sea is the life for thee. Pre-dawn roll-call in the parking lot? You’re the first one there. A hectic tour through the surf zone? You ain’t scared. Downwind patrol at 2pm with winds gusting to 35mph… "Sir, yes sir!"

This is not a four year commitment. If you’re in, you’re in for LIFE. We’re looking for a few good paddlers.

Order 4 of them so you can stick 'em on your board, your car, your garage fridge and the parking sign in the lot where you launch. Then hashtag #ProneNavy in your social posts. That's an order.

Stickers are kiss-cut to 5” X 4” and printed on UV coated, heavy white vinyl.