Mile 22

Fuel Dock / System 2.2 with Bottles

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The search is over. For 2022 we've redesigned our wildly popular, original Fuel Dock to accommodate two cages and bottles, plus our custom GPS brace and mount, to achieve the Holy Grail of prone deck-mounted support. King Arthur himself would choose this hydration system.

Behold the Fuel Dock 2.2, the slickest 2-bottle+GPS setup on the market. Our exclusive slotted arms allow cages to slide up/down/forward/back on an arc for custom angles and deck clearance. GPS can go right side or left side, to match your hand preference, and forward/back to mitigate glare. This allows you to place your bottles and GPS unit in the perfect positions for easy access and optimal visibility. No other system available allows this range of adjustability and—lets face it—a cut up surf fin is kinda silly and so 2002. Our new mount is CNC and laser cut from durable HDPE; strong, stiff overall, yet allowing slight flex to protect your fin box.

The 2.2 system includes two ‘Grypto’ cages, which are lighter and tighter than the Sport cages that come with our original Fuel Dock systems. They grip your bottles securely for grueling miles in the chop. Also includes two 24 oz. insulated Polar Bottles with color-coded, high-flow surge caps. Different colored caps help you distinguish between your water, electrolyte or 'other' beverage.

Your GPS unit is held securely in place with our custom GPS mounting post and silicone brace. We hand make every mount ourselves, and package them with simple setup instructions. A no-tool finger screw/plate mount and all stainless steel hardware completes the ultimate hydration and data system.

It comes as a complete package; 1 mount, 2 cages, 2 bottles/caps, 1 GPS post, 1 silicone brace, all hardware and some stickers! GPS unit not included, because, well... obvs. Light assembly required. Tools req: Phillips screwdriver, 11/32” (or adjustable) wrench, and your hands.

*Caps with leak-proof, vented drink tubes are available separately.