Mile 22


Serious watermen and women trust Mile 22 Monsters to transport their big-wave guns, prone paddleboards, SUPs, outriggers, surf-skis and sports gear. Monsters are the last tie-down you’ll ever need. But don't take our word for it—this is what the pros and bros say.

“You wouldn’t buy a cheap car seat for your baby—why would you buy cheap tie-downs for your boards? To keep those things secure on your rack, you need Monster Straps. I’m talking about the boards, not the baby.”
—Mike "M3" Roberts
California fireman and conscientious parent

“If I had a penny for every board I strapped on the roof of my truck I could buy a sick van and keep them inside. Since I don't have any pennies, I am lucky that Mile 22 Monsters came along. Super-strong and easy to use. Been using the same pair for years.”
— Zach Wormhoudt
Mavericks lifer & GhostRyders Waterman’s Club

“I've used Monster Straps for years. I love their length, and how easy they are to tie down. They are perfect for going in and out to the beach, and for my surf school because I can strap down up to five boards with one strap."
— Zane Schweitzer
Maui waterman, SUP/surf/foil/windsurf professional

“Mile 22 Monsters have kept our SUP race boards safe during travels throughout California and Hawaii for years. The length, ease of use and durability is awesome. The plastic buckles won't ding the paint on your car, unlike metal buckles. Hands down, best straps out there!"
— Kali’a and John Alexiou
California fireman and father/daughter super duo

"I use Monster straps on everything from a single paddleboard to three longboards stacked up. Super secure and strong—never had a problem. And they double as an emergency shoulder strap when your board bag fails in Mexico."
— Josh Pederson
GhostRyders Waterman’s Club, podcast host

“We've used a lot of different straps over the years—Monsters are the best. The webbing is supple but super strong, just feels good in your hands, wraps around board contours, and is non-abrasive. The buckle is simple and very easy to manage tension. The Fast Snap loop makes us happy to fold the excess strap neatly for storage. We love to support companies that put their heart and soul in to the sports we love.”
— Brian Peterson & Sabine Dukes
Prone & SUP distance junkies, MTB racers

“Mile 22 Monsters have made loading and securing my boards a breeze. I no longer trust skinny surf straps with metal buckles. I just drove from California to North Carolina and my Monsters never loosened, moved, or left scratches or dents in my boards. They are now my go-to gift for all of my watermen friends.”
—Sarah Knie
Professional & competitive lifeguard

“It doesn’t matter where you’re going or what sport you’re doing. Mile 22 Monsters hold your gear down tight. Surfboards, paddleboards, bikes, rooftop gear, whatever. I don’t travel without them. They have saved my ass more than once.”
— Kayman Benetti
MTB/Moto-X racer, surfer, traveler

“I drove from Huntington Beach, California, to New Jersey with ten new surfboards on the roof of my truck, for my surf school quiver. Monsters keep them snug all the way. I’ve been using the same set for years, they are nearly indestructible. They go with me everywhere; Mexico, Barbados, Nicaragua… I don’t go anywhere without em.”
— Nicole Pratt
Professional surf & SUP instructor, lifeguard