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Piggyback Upgrade Cage Kit


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With our Fuel Dock series of accessory mounts, we’ve always strived for the ultimate in adjustability and function; so much that our FD 2.2 mount comes with a color coded tech drawing to illustrate all the variables. While we were busy designing a new 3-4 bottle mount, something unexpected happened.

Legendary paddler Mick DiBetta uses our 2-bottle FD2.2 system in the Molokai 2 Oahu world championships and other races where a support boat is used to supply fresh bottles. But during training leading up to M2O, no boat means bringing a third bottle for those 4-5 hour grinds.

Mick simply took an extra Grypto cage and “piggybacked” it with cable-ties to the natural cradle created by the two cages below. The result is amazingly solid and simple, and Mick’s been using it with great success. New Jersey racer Grace Emig adopted this hack for her 14 mile 1st Place finish in the DeSatnick Around The Cape Race this spring, and raved about it.

This is the slick and simple solution you’d expect from a clever Aussie. Now the Piggyback “Mick Hack” is available to Fuel Dock 2.2 users who need a third bottle for those long, grueling training paddles and races when you’re ‘on your own’ out there.

Easy to install, easy to remove. Switch it out at will with the secure magic of cable-ties. The Piggyback Upgrade comes with a Grypto cage (you choose the color, as usual) and 8 high-strength cable-ties. Only 4 are required, but you get 4 extra. Plus a sticker, and instructions. And that’s it. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best solutions.

* This product is intended to work with your Mile 22 Fuel Dock 2.2 system only. No guarantees if this will fit or work with any other cage mount or system.